Gentle Omens



In 2023, I had become chronically ill and had to restructure my esthetics practice by significantly reducing the amount of clients I see. While trying to cope with my decline in health, I rediscovered my love for making jewelry. It was low impact on my body, yet I was still able to create with my hands.

After spending the past five years trying to create space for others, Gentle Omens is meant to be a space for all the things I create - whether it be jewelry, art, etc.

It to serve as a reminder to be tender (with myself and others) // to find beauty in the little things // to rest without apology // to create for the sake of creation




It’s a pop-up event that I host in my private esthetics studio located in SE Portland. It’s a fun activity for you to do alone or with loved ones! After RSVPing, you can come in anytime during event hours.

You choose your chain, pick out your charms, and pay after you’ve figured out placement. Everything is priced individually depending on the material quality. Chains range from $10-$20+ and charms range from $2-$10+ depending on material quality. I have silver and gold plated options. I’ll bring your creation to life and text you once it’s ready for pick up. Assembly can be about 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on how busy things are.



Sunday, April 14th

To RSVP, please message me! It costs $15 to reserve your spot but this will go toward your total balance. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.



Schedule a private 75 minute Charmed appointment through my booking website. Appointments are available for up to three people at a time. I normally require a $40 non-refundable/transferable deposit from all my clients so I’ll be requiring the same for those booking a Charmed appointment. This is mainly in place to protect my time and prevent no-shows. The Private Charmed events include a $10 service fee + the remaining deposit will go toward your total balance.

You can send the deposit via Venmo (xhousebeauty) or Cashapp ($10housebeauty)