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Secure Attachment Comfort Serum

Secure Attachment Comfort Serum

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SELFMADE's Secure Attachment Comfort Serum is a multi-use priming serum that combines skincare, self-care, and primer benefits in just one product. Developed with mental health experts, it empowers you to show up authentically as yourself and with others because it works alone or with makeup, delivering benefits that target skin's hydration needs and acknowledges the universal stress of the everyday, correcting its damaging effects on skin. The unique watery texture glides onto skin and allows Hyaluronic Acid, Marine Plant Extract, Plant-Derived Squalane and Aloe Vera to penetrate your skin and securely attach to cells to retain mega hydration. The active skin de-stressing ingredient is derived from the Helichrysum italicum (a flower iconic to the Mediterranean that's also known as the Italian strawflower and the "perpetual plant"). This technology was clinically tested to reduce skin stress by reducing cortisol, improving barrier function, calming and soothing skin redness. Makeup lovers will obsess over the ever-so-slight tack grips onto your favorite foundation without disrupting performance to help securely attach to your face for a smoother application and enhanced wear. Without makeup, the tack disappears to protect and baby your skin barrier, leaving a natural glow.


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